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Tonkin Bamboo is natures Carbon they are straight & fly true,it is the strongest wooden shafting material available, being natural wood they can be used for 3d comp's & are great for stumping & hunting.spines available 40-85# in 5# increments, comes with traditional nock & field tip 4" shield cut fletches 1 barred colour & 2 solid colours of your choice.

Bamboo is naturally tapered which gives great flight & good forward of centre weight distribution, all the nodes have been sanded & the shafts heat treated & lacquered so the shaft is straight & smooth. Field points 70, 100, 125gn


In the field below "Inform me on how you want your arrow built"

let me know the arrow length you require measure bottom of the valley of the nock to the end of the shaft not including the head.

Fletching colour you require, Field Point weight

If your not sure I will need to know your bow weight,type & your draw length /height.

or give me a ring it is quite often easier to have a chat & sort it all over the phone.

Bamboo Arrows with Wraps

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