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The Penetrator (also known as: MA-3) are reasonably priced 3-blade glue-on broadheads have been around for years. They look just like the original Bodkin broadheads of the 1950's. Convex edge to be efficient cutting and have more steel up front for strength. Made of high-grade carbon steel.

Feature a 1-1/8" cutting diameter. Measure 2¼" in length (from tip to base of blades) and weigh 130 grains. Ferrule is 11/32" diameter with 5° taper for wood shafting. To use with carbon or aluminium arrows get broadhead adapters in 11/32" size: Broadhead Adapters

Sold by the 6-pack

3 Blade Glue On: Del-MA3 Penetrators' 130gn

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