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Junxing F166 21" ILF Riser accepts all ILF limbs it is the base for a good stable bow matched with our Gordon Composites limbs will give a bow length of recurve 64", longbow 66" Junxing foam core limbs 66"

Made from cast aluminum & steel fittings, comes with a rest & strike plate

Junxing F166 ILF Riser is finished in matt black 21" length riser. It is designed so it can be shot with an elevated rest or off the shelf, the strike plate has 3 spacers so you can adjust it to your preference it also has mounting holes for sight or quiver & a front mounting hole for a Fishing reel. Endless loop string, screw in elevated rest, tools & riser plates included. Only available in right-hand black only

Junxing f166 21" Riser only in Black

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