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  • Get the bow of your choice and add the ready to hunt package, then you are good to go.

Package contains:

  1. Uni Bow stringer - a must for stringing your bow without damaging it
  2. Black Widow shooting tab - for a nice slick release
  3. Stickshooters 6 Arrow Strap-on Bow Quiver - way better for hunting than a back or side quiver
  4. 1 pair of Beaver Ball string silencers - to make your bow even more quiet
  5. Bow Square - the go-to tool for tuning your bow
  6. 6 Carbonwood Stalker Carbon Arrows - your choice of 4" fletching, arrows cut to length and tuned for your draw, arrows come with target points (unscrew target points and put broadheads on to go hunting)
  7. 6-pack of Tusker screw-on broadheads
  • This can be used as a guide, if you wish to change or upgrade items, the pricing can be adjusted to reflect this.

Ready to Hunt Package


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