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  • Stick Shooter's You Finish Tab is cut from 5mm leather, 80mm wide by 90mm long.
  • It will fit an XL size hand, and can be trimmed down to the smallest you require.  
  • Make the finger hole a snug fit, trim to the size and shape you desire and give it a good coat of vegetable oil.
  • They wear in to make a perfect fit

Tab: Stick Shooter's You Finish

    • Material: Leather
    • Colour may vary
  • Extend your hand out flat, wrap a measuring tape around the hand  between the knuckles and thumb, use the circumference to determine your best size.

    • 8" ( 20.3cm) Small
    • 9" ( 22.8cm) Medium
    • 10" ( 25.4cm) Large
    • 11" ( 27.9cm) X-Large
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