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Bearpaw Traditional Extreme Arrows are made to order by Nigel here at Stick Shooter Supplies they come with your choice of arrow wrap, fletchings any shape & in stock colour you may like, field point(up to 175gn) & protector hats fitted at the end of the shaft & in front of the nock to make one very tough arrow. Cut & tuned to you & your bow, spines in 600,500, 400, 350 & 300

Extras:heavy field points 200-300gn, Brass inserts 50gn or 100gn  Painted crestings each, Spliced fletches per splice, Broadheads are matched & fitted free of charge oriented to how you would like them & anything else you would like just ring to discuss what can be done.

In the field below "Inform me on how you want your arrow built"

let me know the arrow length you require measure bottom of the valley of the nock to the end of the shaft not including the insert & head.

Wrap & Fletching colour you require, Field Point weight

If your not sure I will need to know your bow weight,type & your draw length /height.

or give me a ring it is quite often easier to have a chat & sort it all over the phone.

Bearpaw Traditional Extreme Custom Carbon Arrows

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