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  • 2 Bundle Fast Flight Strings are made using 2 separate bundles, total 14 strands of Spectra 652 string material. Gives a bit more speed to your shot and is low stretch.
  • Make sure that your bow is Fast Flight compatible.
  • These strings are handmade here, by myself at Stick Shooter Supplies.
  • Tell me your bows; AMO size, recurve or longbow, or your string length.
  • AMO - 3" for longbow or -4" for recurve.
  • Colours available; Red, Black, Brown, please choose 2 of these
  • If you have a bow length not listed or a special string length or thead count please contact me to let me know.

Bow Strings Flemish Twist Fast Flight 2 Bundle

    • Material: HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene)
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