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left to right are Aztec 215, Delta 205, Concorde 195 & 230, Javalin 170, Spirit 125. Stealth 150 little brother of the Aztec 

These shoot great out of Longbows, Recurve Bows, Compound Bows & Crossbows.

Screw into any arrow with screw in heads.
Manufactured from high carbon spring steel, spot-welded ferrules and 50 - 52 Rockwell C hardness.
Tusker Broadheads are tough & fly true.
They are easily resharpenable so can be used hundreds of times, they are not cheap one-shot heads.
We now have the full range in screw-on & glue on Tusker Broadheads:
Made in Australia since 1963

Price for one packet of six

Tusker screw in Broadheads 6 pack

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