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We call our new Traditional Only® takedown recurve "The Cairn" because in ancient times cairns were piles of stones used as landmarks to lay out paths and trails. Our Cairn Junior is just the bow to guide your young archers down the path of traditional archery.

We've designed the 54" Cairn Junior with added attention to the "fit and finish" for a sleek and curvy look. We've used only the highest quality woods and materials in making this outstanding bow. The simple, no-tools takedown system makes this an ideal bow for beginners.

You'll be impressed by the clean, elegant curves of this bow, as well as the attention to detail. It looks amazing and shoots like a dream.

Riser: Measuring 20" long with a medium grip and constructed in a laminate design for added durability and unique grain pattern look. The radiused shelf is cut to center. Comes with adhesive backing and an elevated rest (not installed). Features front stabilizer bushing, plunger hole, and ATA accessory holes.

Limbs: Featuring a maple core with black fiberglass facing and backing and reinforced limb tips to work with today's modern high performance strings.

String: Includes endless loop Dacron bow string.

The no-tools thumb bolt attachment system also allows for Allen wrench tightening for an extra snug fit.

Cairn Junior 54" Takedown Recurve

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