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Carbonwood Black Wrapped Arrows are the perfect arrow for target competition or back yard shooting they come with 3 x 3" fletchings one barred colour & two solid colours of your choice & arrow wrap of your choice. Field Points in 100, 125, 150, 175gn


In the field below "Inform me on how you want your arrow built"

let me know the arrow length you require, measure from the bottom of the valley of the nock to the end of the shaft not including the insert & head.

Wrap & Fletching colour you require, Field Point weight

If I have built arrows for you in the past just put "On File" in this section.

If your not sure I will need to know your bow weight, type recurve or longbow make & model, poundage & your draw length /height.

or give me a ring it is quite often easier to have a chat & sort it all over the phone.

Carbonwood Black Wrapped 800spine Arrows

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