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Carbonwood Protected Arrows are made here at Stick Shooter Supplies to give the right amount of arrow weight for a quick & well penetrating arrow that is at home on the target range or hunting that stag of a lifetime.

Specifications: Redwood Print, Slick finish, Carbon hybrid shaft, Straightness .006, Maximum Arrow length 33.5" Arrow Wrap & protector hats behind the head & nock to make a tougher arrow.

Choose your fletching colours 1 barred 2 solid,arrow length & head weight (up to 175gn)  Choose your spine from the list below.

spine 600 weight 7.4 gpi, spine 500 weight 8 gpi, spine 400 weight 9 gpi, spine 340 weight 10.51 gpi

Comes with a 12gn insert & Speed nocks, white soft nock, orange hard nock please specify which you would like.


In the field below "Inform me on how you want your arrow built"

let me know the arrow length you require measure bottom of the valley of the nock to the end of the shaft not including the insert & head.

Wrap & Fletching colour you require, Field Point weight

If your not sure I will need to know your bow weight,type & your draw length /height.

or give me a ring it is quite often easier to have a chat & sort it all over the phone.

Need help send me an email or ring during shop hours & I will be happy to help.

Carbonwood Protected Arrows

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