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Our Cedar Arrows are made here to you specifications by our master arrow smith, you can add extra's to personalise your arrows.

Arrows are weight & spine matched. 3 coats of Gasket Lacquer shield or parabolic fletches 1 barred colour 2 solid colour, right wing only please state shape & size 3"(shield only),4", 5", parabolic or sheild cut, Nock & Steel field point fitted, Arrows are spine & weight matched (within 20gn)& cut to your length.


In the field below "Inform me on how you want your arrow built"

let me know the arrow length you require measure bottom of the valley of the nock to the end of the shaft not including the head.

Fletching colour you require, Field Point weight, Arrow wraps chose one from that section same with Stains, Crestings & Brass if wanted

If your not sure I will need to know your bow weight,type & your draw length /height.

or give me a ring it is quite often easier to have a chat & sort it all over the phone.

Cedar Arrows

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