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New 2nd Generated, Vented Fire Piston

If you have ever made fire by friction or been frustrated in the attempt, you know how much effort goes into getting a coal. Now... imagine being able to create that glowing, smoking coal in one instant and with no effort....

The Fire Piston operates on the same principle as a diesel engine. When air molecules are rapidly compressed within the cylinder, the temperature of the air becomes hot enough to cause combustion. With a single push, tinder placed in the end of the piston is ignited by the heat of compression, instantly becoming a glowing ember with no more effort than lighting a match. Included with the Fire Piston are char cloth tinder, extra "O" ring, and instructions.

The New 2nd Generated, Vented Fire Piston has a integral pressure relief valve that allows the trapped air to be released yet that is easily re-sealed, enabling full compression for fire lighting. Once the valve is closed, the piston is effectively trapped by vacuum preventing its accidental loss in the field.


Char Cloth


Extra O-Ring


As a survival device, one of the most compelling aspects of Wilderness Solutions fire pistons is their ability to ignite a variety of natural tinders that can be collected in the woods and fields without special preparation. Some of these tinders having practical value for fire making include true tinder fungus, mullein pith, milkweed pod ovum, milkweed down, cattail fluff, poplar cotton, and wood punk. In addition, cotton char cloth, familiar to flint and steel fire makers works very well in the fire piston and you make your own at home.

Fire Piston by Wilderness Solutions

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