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Your youngest archers now have a bow built with them in mind. The Little

Mokelumne Youth Longbow is hand made with the same quality and care as our

Mini and made with the same quality as any adult custom bow, but scaled up to fit

comfortably in your older child's hands.

Perfect for six to twelve -year-olds, the Little Mokelumne has a draw weights of 15 & 20# @ 24" (max). It's a comfortable 48" in length and easy for youngsters to carry in

the field or on the target range.

This is a beautiful youth bow with a option of quality shedua or walnut riser and nock

overlays. The limbs are available in Maple with black fiberglass. Laced leather grip,

leather rest, and Flemish twist string included.

Available in Right or Left Hand

Little Mokelumne Longbow

order now & we will order it immediately from the supplier for you
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