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Most New bows are ordered in to your requirements, please check with us for an estimated delivery time.

Prices may change on bows that are not in stock due to currency fluctuations.

Bows that are in stock are marked "In Stock" on the listing. In Stock, bows are at prices marked.

Bows can be set up for you, ready to shoot, this includes arrow rest & strike plate & string with nocking point installed. Let me know if you would like this done for you this is done free of charge.

Buying Traditional archery equipment is like buying shoes,you need to get the right size to fit you, If you are not sure give me a ring & I will be only too happy to help.


Warranty & caring for your Bow

Always string your bow using a bow stringer as this will not twist or damage the limbs.

Not using a stringer voids the warranty

Always check your bow & arrows for signs of possible damage.

Never leave your bow in a hot place strung especially in cars as this can cause the bow to delaminate & is not covered under the warranty.

Do not dry fire your bow (drawing & releasing the string without an arrow on the string) this will damage your bow & will not be covered by the warranty.

Damage due to misuse & carelessness is not covered by the warranty.

Always keep the brace height within specs for the best performance & reliability. To lower a brace height below the manufacturer's recommendations will shock the limbs & cause them to fail this is not covered by the warranty.

This warranty is for repair or replacement within the period of the warranty only not cash refunds & only for the bow on the warranty form.  The original are kept on file at Stick Shooter Supplies Ltd.

The higher the brace height the quieter the bow will shoot & the lower the faster it will shoot, every bow is different & with adjustments you will find the sweet spot where it shoots quiet & fast.

Brace Height:

Warranty is for    Years from date of sale

Warranties are not transferable except for Bodnik Bows





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