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The carbon outer structure of Eureka limbs is created with 3K double-angled carbon and N-composite carbon technology.

This is an adjustment at the molecular level that significantly strengthens and enhances the stability of the carbon, increases shooting stability and protects the limb during use, also ensuring straightness and residency against twisting.

Inside the limb, the form core connects high-modulus carbon at strategic points, it provides durability, makes the limbs smooth to shoot and enhances their overall feel.

Internal layers of foam, bakelite & bamboo is sandwiched between UD Carbon & 3k Carbon to give a smooth draw & perfect shot.

Available in lengths & weights with a 25" riser of small 66" 26-46#, medium 68" 26-48#, long 70" 28-48# in 2# increments.

Old Mountain Archery Eureka ILF Limbs

order now & we will order it immediately from the supplier for you eta to delivery 2 months
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