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The Icon carbon/foam limbs are specifically designed to complement the new Surge riser.

The limbs are made with an inner core of laminate of UD Carbon & Bakelite sandwich between bamboo or foam & a finally bow glass. NB choose between bamboo & foam.

Easy to draw and aim, the Icon limbs are silky smooth to shoot and perfect for building competition archery confidence.

Furthermore, OMA’s carbon system protects the surface of the limb and provides stability, while the barreled bottom design increases accuracy by reducing unnecessary movement when the bow is shot.

Available in sizes with a 25" riser: small 66" 20-44#, medium 68" 22-46#, long 70" 24-46#


Old Mountain Archery Icon ILF Limbs

order now & we will order it immediately from the supplier for you eta to delivery 2 months
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