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The combination of exotic woods gives you one breathtaking bow. Containing an impressive combination of traditional design with exotic hardwoods, 

As for the model Volcano has a grip that is well suited with a medium riser grip for improved accuracy The window has a moderate depth, which does not reach the center, and a reduced height which is well suited to instinctive shooting.

68" bow length with bamboo & carbon limb cores gives an extremely smooth & accurate shot.

Available in right & Lefthand 25-60# in 5# increments.

Comes complete with a flemish twist string & calf hair arrow rest.

Brace height 7 1/2-8 1/4"

Warranty one year

Old Mountain Archery Volcano Carbon Longbow 68"

order now & we will order it immediately from the supplier for you eta to delivery 2 months
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