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The Pharos II has been claimed to be one of the fastest ILF bows on the market with latural adjustment as well as for tiller so it can be tuned to anyone for perfect performance.

Machined 19" ILF riser with clear or black bow glass limbs made by Gordon Bow Composites

Bow length: 62' 'Draw weight: 30-60lb, Brace height: 7.5-8'', Maximum draw length:32'', Riser length:19' comes in left & righthand

Bow comes complete with string silencers, allen keys, limb pads, arrow rest material & Sticks Shooters spectra 652 string

Riser comes with threaded holes for the fitting of a sight, stabiliser, fishing reel & bow quiver, plunger rest. Arrows are shot off the shelf

Bow comes complete with string silencers, Allen keys, arrow rest material & a Stick Shooters spectra 652 string

One year warranty

If you would like the bow set up I can do that at no charge just let me know

Pharos II ILF Recurve 62"

order now & we will order it immediately from the supplier for you
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