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The Penthalon Traditional Extreme has a coat of real wood!

Extremely durable

Extremely traditional

With these two terms you get right to the point of the characteristics of our Traditional Extreme Carbon shafts. In an elaborate manufacturing process we have equipped our tried and tested Penthalon Hunter Carbon shaft with a thin ash wood shroud. Our Penthalon Traditional Extreme is very difficult to distinguish from a pure wood shaft. In addition to superb looks the wood surface of this carbon shaft can be embellished as you would with a real wood arrow. Crowning, cresting and varnish are all possible. The Penthalon Traditional Extreme is extremely durable and sturdy!

Available spine: 300, 350, 400, 500, 600

Straightness: +/- 006

Quality: 100% Carbon

Look: Real ash wood

600spine =9.9, 500 sp=10.10, 400sp=10.7, 350sp=12, 300=12.52 grains per inch.

Shafts are 32" long. Comes with a 12gn insert & Speed nocks, white soft nock or orange hard nock


Bearpaw Traditional Extreme carbon shafts

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