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Like the small bird of prey, the Kestral packs a big punch in a small package, easily able to bring down the biggest game.

Having a short bow length 58" makes it nice & manoeuvrable in the tight bush, tree stands & blinds.

The low wrist techni-wood riser makes for comfortable accurate shooting & the bamboo limb cores with black power glass gives a smooth & powerful shot (170fps with an 10 gnpp arrow 45# bow) & a smooth draw.

The red Techni-wood riser & black limbs make for a spectacular-looking bow

Comes in 20-55# in 5# increments



58" amo length

Techni-wood Riser 16"

Twin Bamboo Limb Cores

8" brace height

SSS Flemish Twist Fast Flight bow string with wool ball silencers

Calf Hair Arrow Rest

3 year warranty

SSS Kestrel 58" longbow

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