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These great balls I make right here from NZ wool, they come in 1 1/4"(29mm), 2"(50mm) & 3 1/4"(79mm)diameter.

They stand up well to wet weather.


Fitment recommendations: 29mm for a slightly twangy bow, 50mm for most bows & 79mm for load bows

3 colours are available black, red & tan, having a mixture in the same ball is fine just let me know what you would like.


They are easy to install just follow the pictures above, starting with the biscuits line up the middle tie inline with the bow string & position it between the string bundles then string the bow up & then cut the wool loops & fluff them out. Your all done they will fluff out more as you shoot the bow.

Price is for one pair

Stick Shooters Wool Balls string silencers

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