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  • Made from thin Cordovan leather for smooth, quick releases.
  • Backed with a thin piece of rubber to improve durability.
  • The tab is topped with a high quality leather overlay for form retention, and is stamped with Fred's signature.
  • No finger spacer offers a superb feel.
  • Designed to by very thin, approximately 3.4mm at the fingertips
  • Available in sizes M, L, XL in left or right hand options

Tab: Fred Eichler

Out of Stock
    • Material: Leather and rubber
    • Colour may vary
  • Extend your hand out flat, wrap a measuring tape around the hand  between the knuckles and thumb, use the circumference to determine your best size.

    • 8" ( 20.3cm) Small
    • 9" ( 22.8cm) Medium
    • 10" ( 25.4cm) Large
    • 11" ( 27.9cm) X-Large
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