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Get the bow of your choice & add the Target Package & your all good to go.

The Target Package comes with everything you will need for target shooting You will get

1 SS Bow stringer(can't string a Bow without damaging it without it).

1 Damascus Glove for a nice slick release.

1 Bearpaw Side pack Quiver,

1 Bow Square, the tuning tool you'll need,

6 Carbonwood Black Bare Bones carbon arrows both with your choice of 3" Fletchings & cut to your length

& all the knowledge you'll need from New Zealand's only Traditional only Archery store. If you wish to upgrade that is no problem & I will adjust the pricing for you.

you can use this as a guide to what you will need & go through the shop to pick out exactly what you would like.

Cheers Nigel

Target Package for adults

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