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Tbow SSS (Stick Shooter Special) is a combination of the Tbow riser & Gordon Composites clear glass limbs to give a bow that shoots as good as it looks, with it forward handle riser & Stick Shooters spectra 652 fast flight 2 bundle flemish string(a perfectly round string) it is accurate & fast. Artificial Calf Hair fitted to the arrow rest, Strike plate has 3 spacers to get the centre shot just the way you like it.

Wool Ball string silencers to make for a silent ILF bow.

With the 64" or 66"bow length it is smooth to draw for even the longest draw

Specs: Aluminium T-bow 19" or 21"riser (righthand only), Gordon Composites Clear glass Bamboo Limb Cores, 64" or 66"amo (bow length), Stick Shooters 2 bundle fast flight string made with BCY 652 spectra fitted with Beaver Balls or Wool Balls string silencers, carry weight 1.4kg, 1 year warranty

.Tbow SSS Longbow

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