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GLADIUS 3 Blade Single Bevel Broadheads - Unbreakable, Pin-Point Accurate, Devastating.

GLADIUS 3 Blade features;

PRE-SHARPENED, READY TO HUNT -  The Gladius goes through an additional round of manual sharpening and polish that other brands do not provide, giving you the sharpest broadheads out of the pack that you can find anywhere.

One Piece Construction - The strongest broadheads are those without moving or removable parts. One piece of steel designed for the sole purpose of taking down game animals effectively, many times over.

GLADIUS Blade Shape - Painstakingly designed over many years and through decades worth of bowhunting experience; the final shape of the GLADIUS has been perfected and is a marvel to look at. The front of the broadhead has been lengthened beyond a traditional 3 blade shape, increasing its bone smashing penetration and power. Paired with additional material volume up front this design also eliminates any possible weak spots for unmatched strength and durability. The body then tapers outwards and "steps down" revealing thinner blades that cut through the air reducing any drag points to such a minimal level that it will fly just like a target tip. These razor sharp blades are single bevel and will rotate, creating massive wound channels for maximum blood loss, leading you to get game on the ground faster and more ethically. This tried, tested and proven design provides you with;

Minimal surface area, Dead Silent Flight, Field Point accuracy & Unmatched Durability.

Price for a pack of 3, Right-wing only

Terra Firma Gladius 3 blade single bevel one piece broadhead 175gn

order now & we will order it from the supplier for you
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